Dr. Fager (and his wife, Dr. Tara Whiteman-Fager) genuinely care about their patients. They make recommendations based on your situation, and educate you on things you can do at home. You are not seen more often than necessary, and they don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t need.
— Patient for 7 years
I remember the first time I walked into H.O.F.H. with my 9 week old baby, E. My husband and I came with all my notes desperate for someone or something to help our baby. I was exhausted and really just needed someone to listen.... My fears where calmed after Dr. Tara took the time to listen to everything I was saying before laying a hand on my son. Finally someone listened! Thank you, Dr. Tara for listening, teaching me what pediatric chiropractic care is all about, and for setting the foundation of wellness for my son.
— Debbie., RN, BSN, MSN submitted October 5, 2011
I am a veteran of two spine surgeries, having had both a cervical fusion and a lumbar microdisectomy over the last 7 years. Given that I had experienced loss of flexibility, pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms all too frequently, I knew I needed treatment for symptoms and a long term program for healing. I had been to multiple physical therapists and chiropractors with little or no relief. When I was referred to Doctor Fager at Hands On Family Health, I began to improve quickly. Doctor Fager’s combination of adjustment techniques, knowledge of body mechanics, and holistic approach including core strengthening, exercise and balance training has literally changed my life. My regular flair ups are now only occasional, and I am mostly pain free. My posture has improved dramatically, and I am significantly stronger, especially in the core area. As a passionate lifelong golfer, I can actually walk 18 holes again without pain! Hands On Family Health has one of the most caring and professional teams I have ever been to, and I highly recommend their approach. I truly believe regular chiropractic adjustments and the right exercises have made all the difference, and I can’t thank them enough for feeling so much better every day!
— Jon M. Patient since 2006